• Logistics Application Types

  • To optimize logistics processes it is not enough just to install the program on your PC: you also need mobility. Now it is very important to have access to all the contacts and data at hand - it is necessary for everything to work smoothly. To select the best option for cargo transportation, you need to use mobile applications for logistics. Modern logistics software development services can create them.


    In the field of logistics mobile applications for cargo transportation can be divided intologistics and transport services involved in cargo transportation as much as possible. When documents are organized, it helps to navigate more easily and speed up the process.

    • Applications for dispatchers. In cargo transportation, such a transportation management system allows you to control delivery and monitor the movement of transport in real time. Just one click is enough for the driver to inform about the execution of an order or to get information about changes in real time. 
    • Applications for driver's control. In this case, the main emphasis is made on the calculation of the distance traveled (it means that the calculation of fuel consumption can be made). One of the functions of such applications is the ability to calculate costs and record how much money will be received in the course of orders from customers. 
    • Applications to find the optimal route. Such applications for cargo carriers are especially interesting because they take into account not only the shortest and cheapest route, but also can calculate the optimal time of delivery or route taking into account traffic jams and accidents that may hinder the passage. So the mobile app development can be a very convenient solution. the following options.
    • Applications focused on document management. Such applications help to simplify the work with documents for 
    • Applications for freight brokers. The functionality of such mobile applications for cargo transportation is to search for options for loading or unloading transport, the transfer of goods between carriers or help for optimal documentation. 
    • Applications for warehouse accounting. Such applications for cargo transportation are aimed at simplifying the interaction between the cargo carriers and the warehouse, used to record and search for goods. Using such applications will simplify the loading and unloading process.

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